How to Rent Porn Online

The basic guide on how to rent porn movies over the Internet

Porn rental services are much easier and more private than visiting a local adult bookstore or video rental chain. There are no clerks to ring you up and no other patrons to give you a look when you step into an adult section. Unless you call and name a title, your have no way of knowing if your Blockbuster has one of their few copies in stock.

Online rental services eliminate all of this by offering adult titles on demand from your own computer. You are identified only by a user name and a credit card.  Online rental providers don't have to try and stock a few copies of every title.

You can watch porn online by using Streaming video sites that can be downloaded by unlimited customers (e.g.: AEBN Porn Rentals) or Rent XXX movies online using "DVD-by-Mail" services which offer seemingly limitless stocks. Neither has to waste space with displays and promotions so they can carry many more titles than a traditional store.

Streaming video sites allows more flexibility than any form of DVD rental; If you don't like the movie you just stop it and start another title.

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